Health & Wellness: Interview with Personal Trainer, Tyron Clarke

The Wealthy Fox recently interviewed Personal Trainer, Tyron Clarke of Tyron hails from Durban, South Africa, and has over a decade of international personal training experience. 

Tyron Clarke

Tyron Clarke

TWF: So, tell us Tyron, how did you get into the business of personal training?

Tyron: Well, I have been training in gyms since the age of 18, went to London at age 22. In 2004, I decided office work wasn't for me. Being in a gym/ fitness environment felt like home, so I went on to pursue Personal Training as a career and have never looked back!

TWF: Who inspired you?

Tyron: I think I inspired myself once I knew working in a gym is where I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives!

TWF: What qualifications do you hold?

Tyron: I am UK-certified Level 3 Personal Trainer with Kettlebell, Boxing and Spinning instructor qualifications. I’m also a sports rehab injury specialist.

TWF: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Tyron: It’s when I see people’s lives transform both physically and mentally. It’s a lifestyle change for the better, adding value and years to their lives. It’s a great feeling to watch the transformation.

TWF: What Top 10 exercises do you swear by to get The Wealthy Fox members toned and ready for the beach this summer?

Tyron: For a full body workout…

  1. Standing Barbell Squats - great for overall thigh and glutes [gluteus maximus]. Give great shape and firmness to entire leg.
  2. Side Lunge - works inner thigh and glutes.
  3. Reverse Lat Pull Down machine - good for your arms and under your arm pits.
  4. Press Ups on the floor, on your knees or full press ups - great for toning the chest, shoulders and tummy.
  5. Seated/Standing Shoulder Rotation Press - great for the entire shoulder. Gives great shape to it and down the sides of your arms.
  6. Tricep Dips off a bench - works the back of your arms and your shoulders.
  7. Dumbbell Arm Curls, seated or standing - works the front of your arms.
  8. Plank with Abduction - works your abs and outer thigh at the same time. Great toning and strength exercise.
  9. Floor Back Extensions - inner back/ shoulder muscles. Good for lower back strength and glutes.
  10. Hand to Opposite Knee Crunch - works the whole ab area.

TWF: They say when it comes to achievement of our health goals, essentially, it's 70% diet, 30% exercise - what is your view on that?

Tyron: Yes, food is the most important part. You are what you eat. Your diet must compliment the hard exercise you do in the gym, outdoors or at home.

TWF: What about sleep?

Tyron: Minimum 6 hours, maximum 8 hours of sleeping time is sufficient.

TWF: What is the quickest time in which you have ever transformed a female body into ‘goddess’ status?

Tyron: Probably 10-12 weeks.

TWF: What is the optimal number of sessions per week that you recommend to live a healthy lifestyle?

Tyron: To see any radical results one needs to be training a minimum of 3 times per week for 45 minutes to an hour, each session.

TWF: Thank you for your time, Tyron, now let’s get our bodies moving, ladies! Beach days are just around the corner!

Tyron's client, Sarah Bennett, says: In 2009, as a fairly new runner, I made the crazy decision to run the London Marathon but my training was cut short by injury. I got in touch with Tyron and he worked with me on rehabilitation exercises. It proved successful and I finished the Marathon in a decent time and enjoyed every minute of it. This was followed by another decision to join the Territorial Army. Again I called on Tyron for his expertise and this time he worked with me to improve my overall body strength that I needed to pass the tough army physical tests. Thanks to Tyron, I passed with flying colours. I’ve been so impressed with the changes Tyron has been able to help with me with that I have now decided to become a personal trainer myself so I can pass on that success to others!

If you are ever in Durban, get hold of Tyron on For more info visit

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