Health & Wellness: Struggling to get back into shape?

Have you ever been in a situation where you know you need to go to the gym and get that body moving, but you find yourself coming up with a million excuses why you can’t?

Your internal dialogue sounds something like this: “I’ve been working late every day, I have no energy for gym now,” “this traffic is horrendous, now I’m too late for that Pilates class!” or “I guess, I’ll start tomorrow.”

When you have a strong reason WHY you need to exercise, it is more likely that you will achieve your desired results. Maybe you’re going on a summer holiday, and need to get down to your sexiest, most confident weight, or you just want to feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror. You should always have some power reason WHY you want what you want.

Create a vision board for your Health & Wellness. Find a picture that inspires you to work towards your desired result. Look at it daily and feel the feelings of already having what you want. Believe that you can do it. Then move into action to make it happen.

Sometimes we all need a little push to get back on the right track. That's why we’ve been blessed with Personal Trainers! Personal Trainers will help you work out a plan on how to get to your desired result as fast as possible. They are perfect motivators and great accountability partners. When you know that there is someone waiting for you at the gym, you’re more likely to stick to your schedule and show up!

Set some milestones on the way to your desired result, measure your progress, and reward yourself along the way. It makes exercising so much more enjoyable. Be clear on how you will reward yourself once you reach your desired result.  It could be a new swim suit or a new outfit – something personal that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

I've had my fair share of Personal Trainers - some remarkable and some really bad ones. The bad ones had me drinking protein milkshakes before exercise, causing unwanted body change. Although I was very clear that I just wanted to stay fit and toned, one personal trainer made me expand from size 10 (UK size) to a "wholesome" size 12 in a matter of 7 months.

Although I looked and felt healthy, I could not enjoy the brand new summer wardrobe I bought just 6 months before the training started. Nothing fit. When the Personal Trainer doesn’t listen to what you want to achieve and is driven by ego, it’s time to find a new one.

I find the best trainers are the ones who speak when they are spoken to versus volunteering useless personal information that will make no difference in your life. If they are training you, the conversation should be about your posture, technique and your health matters. After all, you are paying them to train you, not psychologically drain you with their own problems.

If you are feeling sociable, by all means engage in other topics, but don't let that take your focus off your primary goal – physical fitness. Staying present in the moment and focusing on how your body responds to certain exercise yields the quickest results.

If you are going to workout with a Personal Trainer, at least pick one that inspires, uplifts and motivates you every day to be better than you are. And pick one that has extensive experience in personal training. Let them show you the results they’ve had with other clients. Always check their references!

Recently, I had the pleasure of working out with Tyron Clarke, a UK-trained Personal Trainer, using just a simple rope. Hard to believe that a rope could give you a full body workout, but it did. Two days later - it hurt so good. I think I worked muscles I never knew existed!

See my next Health & Wellness blog post, where I interview Tyron about a career in Personal Training and where he shares his Top 10 Exercises to get your body perfectly toned for summer!


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