Corporate Life Or Own Business – Which Will It Be?

PART 2:  Now that you’ve read the bad and the ugly of running your own business, here are the good parts that make the sacrifice all worth it in the end.

After action, satisfaction - when the business gets to a certain size and your income exceeds the income you once earned in the corporate world, you’ll be waking up with a smile on your face. I bet you that you will not have to work flat out all month to get the sum equivalent to your current monthly paycheck. It feels great when you get paid your monthly paycheck after just two days of work. You’ll feel fantastic when you make in a month what you earned in a year.

Sleep in if you want to – there’ll be days when there will be no urgent meeting to attend, no immediate work needing your attention, and you’ll be able to spend an extra hour reading or cuddling a pet in bed.

You call the shots – you don’t answer to anyone. You decide what the order of the day is and where the business focus shall be.

Sky is the limit – what you achieve with your business really depends on the amount of time and effort you are prepared to put in. You could be a millionaire in just 6 months. But, it isn’t all about the money.

What really counts at the end of the day is the kind of person you have become in chasing your entrepreneurial dream. Your reward is the process of creation and your response to it.

Has the journey made you a better person than you were at the start? Are you fulfilled? Do you have work-life balance, a happy home life, a meaningful career, healthy and fulfilling relationships, a quality circle of friends, and are you growing as a person? Do you feel spiritually wealthy? If you answer to any of these is: no or not sure, perhaps it’s time to seek help to change what isn’t working for you.

For me, balancing all facets of my life comes naturally. I enjoy the dynamic equilibrium of life. I can be a businesswoman. I can be a writer. I can be a coach. I can be a loving partner. I can be a mother. I can be anything I set my mind to. I am a woman – a multi-faceted creature. Balancing work and life is a breeze!

I choose the buzz of the corporate world where I get to practice the art and science of marketing for money. I choose the coaching and mentoring to change the world and make a difference in women’s lives.

What’s the next step?

What calls you right now?

What would you do for the rest of your life, every single day, if you could do absolutely anything, and money flowed in abundance?

Now go create that life you want. Start now. Not sure how? Contact me for a 30min consultation and let’s create the life you have always dreamed of. I did it and so can you.

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