Hello, my name is Blanka and Women Empowerment is my passion!

Over the course of three decades, I have...

...won beauty contests (to let go of the 'I'm ugly' self-limiting belief)

...walked the ramp as a fashion model (to build confidence)

...sung in a band (to overcome my fear of performing in public)

...acted on my favourite TV soap opera (always loved drama and wanted the lights, camera, action experience)

...recorded my own single 'Set me free' (it's no pop chart material, but a product of my healing process after a failed relationship)

...featured my voice on radio and TV commercials for plethora of brands (I'm a voice artist)

...managed personal brands as an image consultant (my first business, which I started back in 2005)

...developed and grown corporate brands in finance and ICT space (I had to put my degrees to good use!)

...trained entrepreneurs on how to accelerate cash and customers into their businesses (I'm a seasoned business & marketing strategist)

...helped 1,000s of women to find their magic through motivational speaking, coaching and mentoring

...built a 7-figure portfolio life doing what I love

I am here to help women who want more out of life and are ready to share their message and craft with the world. I am committed to making a difference in this world - one wealthy fox at a time.


The Birth of The Wealthy Fox™ 

I became passionate about empowering women after observing repeated discrimination and injustices committed against them, in the workplace, and in relationships in their roles as sisters, partners, daughters, mothers and wives. I wanted to provide women with the practical tools they need to become truly independent and empowered in every facet of their lives.

The Wealthy Fox™ is the epitome of what a modern day, empowered woman should be, once she gets the Eight Facets of her life into harmonious balance.

The idea started as a transcript for a book on finding Mr Right. After spending six years in financial services, I decided to write a book about the financial empowerment of women. Eventually, the idea transformed into the Holistic Wealth Creation Blueprint™ on which I based my labour of love book, 'The Secrets of The Wealthy Fox' and The Wealthy Fox™ coaching programmes.


The Secrets of the Wealthy Fox

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