3 Steps To Get Rid of Clutter In Your Life For Good


Have you ever found yourself chasing crazy work deadlines, juggling multiple unfinished projects, hoarding paperwork (just in case you need it one day), and living in an uninspiring environment?

Is the clutter in your mind preventing you from a good night's rest? Time to declutter your life and  be free again.

Here's how I deal with occasional clutter in my life, whether emotional, mental or physical. I know when I clean up these three, the spirit always takes care of itself.

Before we begin, let's define what clutter really is. Clutter, simply put, is a visual reminder of the unfinished projects, made promises, and superfluous things for which you have no need in your life.

You can't let them go. You feel overwhelmed. It makes you feel anxious even thinking about letting go. And that's ok.

Here's what we're going to do:

Step 1: Do Nothing

When you find yourself in this predicament, the best thing you can do at this time is nothing. Why? Because, this is the time to find your centre again.

If it means asking for a day off from work or spending the day alone without interruption, do it now.

Relax and just breathe. Focus on every breath you take. Begin with several deep breaths. There's no doubt that the emotional and psychological burden that you're facing is causing some shallow breathing!

Take a deep breath in and fill your lungs with Oxygen to their full capacity. Hold for 3 sec. Now exhale for 5 sec until all the air has completely emptied out of them. And repeat. Do it six more times.

Don't you feel better already?

Step 2: Observe Your Clutter with Gratitude

Next, find a spot in the cluttered environment where you can sit comfortably. Take it all in by observing the chaos around you.

Now close your eyes, still breathing deeply, without holding your breath for 3 sec.

Find a thought of gratitude. What in all this mess are you grateful for the most?

Start listing, until you can count on all your fingers and toes things and experiences you are grateful for that created this clutter. Start each sentence with "I'm grateful for..."

For example; I am grateful for the roof over my head and the fact that I have a place to call my own.

I am grateful for my comfy, warm bed to sleep in every night and wake up well rested.

I am grateful for the sun rays reaching me each morning through the bedroom window and brightening up my day.

I am grateful for the wardrobes that store my clothes, even though they are bursting with excess clothes and shoes for every season.

I'm grateful for the general knowledge I have as a result of reading all these books.

I'm grateful for my home team, who help me clean house and maintain the gardens.

I am grateful for my man, who loves me unconditionally.

I am grateful for my creativity, crazy drive and energy that propels me forward at super fast speed.

I am grateful for this life to impact positive change, change lives, make a difference, build a better world and simply to exist in this lifetime. What a blessing to experience life!

Now you do it.

Keep listing all the things you are grateful for and watch your gratitude shift your state of mind and move you into action, to make your life even better.

Step 3: Take One Step At A Time, No Rush

How do babies learn to walk? One step at a time. Step, wobble, fall, get up, step, wobble, fall, get up, step, step, wobble, wobble, step, step,step, runnnnn! Fly!

You too can shift your mindset and approach this challenge with a determination of a one year old.

Select one room in your environment that if you made changes to it today and removed some clutter would be the least work, but most rewarding, to see the finished clean space.

I guarantee you that if you declutter just this one room, it will inspire growth and bring joy and meaning to your life.

Start picking up stuff immediately.

If it's a cup of tea that belongs in the kitchen instead of the room, go take it to the kitchen now. Come back, pick another piece, take it to a room where it belongs.

Everything is designed for a purpose. Move it to a place where it will be used for that purpose.

Now pick up every item that's on the floor, but shouldn't be and find its rightful place - a drawer, a dustbin, wherever.

Great, now that the floor is clean let's pick one drawer and get it organised. Bit by bit. Each time you throw out an item, you will feel a sense of release.

If it's a bedroom you are organising. Start by making your bed.

Pull clothes out of your wardrobe and sort them according to seasons. Put all current season's clothes in one place for easy access. Pack other season's clothes in suitcases or in other storage elsewhere.

You may decide to get rid of some of the clothes or to donate. During the sorting process just get the current season's clothes organised 100%. Rest you can do later.

What to do with the 'history box'? Chuck it. It's baggage. Useless clutter. You don't need a visual reminder of your past relationships. Get rid of the photos. Your memories are enough. What needs to be remembered will stay in memory. Burn the rest.

Once the room is done, sit back, relax, tap yourself on the shoulder and say, "Well done, >insert your name here<!" Go celebrate! Buy yourself a bunch of flowers and place them in a vase in the room. Buy an air scent that can make the room smell refreshing and inviting.

There we go! In two to three hours you've achieved more than you thought possible.

You can do the rest too! Now that you are feeling energised, summon some help and let others do their bit, cleaning windows, vacuuming, carrying rubbish, delivering bags to charity. Whatever it may be.


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